This is the symbol for team Red Fusion fighters

Red Team Fusion Fighters(Humans+Main Digimon)Edit


Mikey Kudo is a courageous Young Boy who has the red Fusion-loader and is the General of the Red-Team Fusion Fighters


The Legendary Red Fusion Loader


Angie is Mikeys childhood friend and has known forever is very sensible and is average girl


A boy who has known Mikey for a short time know and considered him his rival and he loves Kendo and video games


The First Digimon Mikey befreind. Shoutmon is a small digimon,and is on more of the side action than thinking.


Ballistamon is a large Digi-mon that is one of shoutmons freinds and so along with a few other digimon he automatically became Friends with Mikey


Dorulumon is a lone wolf and a former henchmen of the bagra army but he is know a member of the Fusion fighters and a big part of the main fusions


Cutemon is a little rabbit that lost her parents, and has been traveling with dorulumon who has agreed to find her parents

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